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Fergus Kerr – Course Director, Concert Band

Fergus Kerr – Course Director, Concert Band

With a Masters degree in Engineering, Fergus changed career from Engineering Management to become a freelance Horn player based in Glasgow.  He is a frequent player with all of the Scottish orchestras and the Royal Northern Sinfonia at The Sage Gateshead.  He plays with Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra and regularly collaborates with jazz and traditional musicians.  A founder member of prize-winning wind quintet the Gliondar Ensemble, Fergus is also a member of trumpeter, John Wallace’s re-born group, The Wallace Collection which specialises in juxtaposing modern brass music with early brass repertoire and instruments.


I feel enormously passionate about the WSSO programme. Playing in Strathclyde Schools (the fore-runner to WSSO) as a teenager allowed me to become the person I am today, and I’m endlessly grateful for that. Put simply, my hope is that students that attend our courses have an experience that is as good or better than the experience I had myself when I was their age.

As well as the social, emotional and self-discovery benefits, the Strathclyde Schools experience was beneficial for me on a very practical level. When I decided to change career and become a professional horn player, the network of musicians that I was part of and that helped me to achieve my dream was one that had begun at Strathclyde Schools. To school students who are currently involved in or considering West of Scotland Schools ensembles and activities I’d say go for it and give it your all. You will be rewarded more than you can possibly imagine.”